FINILAGER - celebrates its 50th anniversary of operating in the Bolivian market | ZKL Group
FINILAGER - celebrates its 50th anniversary of operating in the Bolivian market
23.11. 2023

FINILAGER - celebrates its 50th anniversary of operating in the Bolivian market

November 14, 2023, marked the commemoration of FINILAGER S.A.'s 50th anniversary. Representatives from the subsidiary, ZKL Rodamientos S.A. in Argentina, were also present at this celebratory occasion.
Since its inception, FINILAGER S.A. has been characterized by an entrepreneurial and visionary spirit. Over the years, it has solidified its position in the Bolivian market, offering solutions for the automotive and industrial sectors through the supply of original and high-quality products. Collaborating with FINILAGER has been synonymous with belonging to a well-represented segment of the Bolivian bearing market for ZKL. From the beginning of our mutual collaboration, we have worked through long-term orders to ensure that end customers always have an ample supply of our bearings and immediate stock response, meeting the demands of the local market. Looking ahead, we believe in continuing this journey we've embarked upon. We'll leverage the opportunities the region offers to expand and strengthen our position year after year, not just in Bolivia but throughout Latin America. Our aim is always to deliver efficient solutions that add value to the supply chain. Our commitment also entails being a supplier of proven quality products with certified origins, values, and conditions that FINILAGER has provided to its steadfast and loyal customers throughout its 50-year history.
During the celebrations, representatives from ZKL presented a commemorative plaque to Mr. Diego Chahín, Vice President of FINILAGER, marking the company's 50th anniversary. Special thanks were extended to Ms. Maria del Carmen Aguilar, Head of Purchasing and Logistics, and Mr. Beimar Cortez, Director of Supply Chain. Together, we discussed the further development of our collaboration. We agreed to initiate various meetings starting next year involving the commercial and technical departments of FINILAGER, aiming to strengthen the brand's position in the local market.
We extend our congratulations to FINILAGER on their 50th anniversary and simultaneously express gratitude for their yearly reaffirmation of commitment and trust in our company.