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Would you welcome professional and comprehensive advice on development, simulation and design? Use our expertise in bearing design, FEM and contact mechanics applications for gears, cams, motion screws and linear guides.
ZKL - Ing. Tomáš Novák
Ing. Tomáš Novák
Technical Support Department
Our services are based on many years of experience from implemented projects and our own know-how. However, in addition to bearing development, bearing seating and the application of contact mechanics know-how to the development of gears, cams, motion screws and linear guides, the portfolio also includes other activities: design of mechanical components or simpler sheet metal forming press tool dies. All design work takes place in the Creo Parametric software.

Simulation and calculation software, including Marc, Patran, Apex and Adams, allows you to solve both static and dynamic linear and non-linear issues. In addition to commercial software, we have internally developed other tools that speed up and improve our work - such as software for calculating the properties of the lubricating film.

Research and development activities

  • design and development of the design concept
  • dimensional design
  • conceptual study
  • FEM control in the computational analysis department
  • design optimization based on calculation
  • sensitivity analysis
  • expert opinions
  • we offer cooperation with universities and research centres in the fields of contact mechanics, tribology, materials engineering

Detailed construction of machine units and parts

  • detailed design documentation of assemblies and individual parts of the product
  • drawing documentation from a 3D model
  • design and control calculations

Simulations, calculations and analyses

  • verification and optimization of design solutions of bearings and technological elements intended for their production
  • calculations for external customers in the field of general engineering
  • analytical calculations
  • finite element calculations

FEM Analyses  
  • structural analyses with a linear material model
  • structural analyses with a non-linear material model
  • structural analyses geometrically linear
  • structural analyses geometrically non-linear
  • contact problems
  • contact problems
  • assembly stiffness analysis
  • bearing behaviour in sub-assemblies
  • mechanical stress at elevated temperatures

Bearings analyses
  • stress-strain analysis
  • determination of stiffness
  • determination of the reaction torque in the bearing
  • internal geometry optimization
  • determination of the limit tipping

Dynamic analyses
  • modal analyses (own frequencies)
  • frequency response to harmonic excitation
  • transient analyses
  • fracture analyses