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Bearing remanufacturing Bearing remanufacturing

Bearing remanufacturing

New bearings can be fully replaced by bearings renovated in ZKL. They reduce the cost of producing new bearings and at the same time they reduce the operating costs of your machines. In addition, repairs are faster and cheaper than producing a new bearing.
ZKL - Ing. Jakub Němeček
Ing. Jakub Němeček
Testing Laboratory and Metrology Department
In the first phase, we determine the condition of the bearing, assess the cause of the current wear and evaluate the possibilities of bearing renovation in terms of application and the extent of damage.

We repair the following bearings:

  • double-row radial spherical roller bearings
  • cylindrical roller bearings
  • axle rail bearings

Renovation level:

0 Inspection

Cleaning, visual and microscopic inspection, dimensional inspection.

1 Remedy

Inspection and disassembly, minor repairs (polishing, polishing of surfaces to a lesser extent, grinding of surface defects), demagnetization, assembly, verification of the vibration level and other functional parameters, lubrication, conservation, packaging.

2 Renovation

Inspection and repair, or replacement of parts (rolling elements, cage, seals), repair of the surface of parts by polishing or grinding, polishing of raceways.

We cooperate with ZKL production plants and provide you with spare parts for ZKL bearings directly according to the design documentation. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about bearing repair options.