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Steel industry

Rolling mills, continuous rolling mills or converters are characterized by such unfavourable operating conditions as only few other applications. Ever-present dust, high ambient temperature, high humidity, shock loads, high rotational speeds - bearings in steel mills and smelters are commonly exposed to all this. 
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Product quality, higher production efficiency and a greater emphasis on occupational safety - in addition to difficult conditions, the customers themselves have high demands. They care primarily about the reliability of the bearings and their minimum downtime. They also pay attention to strict regulations related to environmental protection, safety and employee health. New designs of rolling mills are being created, existing ones are being modernized. Find out how ZKL can help you compete globally with its products and services.

ZKL supplies the following:

  • four-row roller and tapered roller bearings for placing rolls in rolling mills
  • double-row tapered roller bearings for the transmission of axial forces in rolling mills
  • needle roller bearings and toroidal roller bearings for continuous segments
  • special customer bearings for high-precision rolling mills