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Mining industry Mining industry

Mining industry

Under the term heavy engineering, imagine heavy vehicles specially designed for civil engineering, surface and deep mining works. Previously, these works were performed by draft animals or simple machines. However, since the beginning of the 20th century, this field of engineering has changed significantly. Today, it is about sophisticated, automated and powerful devices. We have in mind, for example, wheeled excavators, bulldozers, cranes, excavators and loaders. In addition to such machines, ordinary vehicles only look like children's toys.
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Mining of materials, their processing or ground construction works by heavy machinery, mechanization and many other equipment: industrial gearboxes, fans, hydraulic pumps, etc. They are all devices operating in difficult operating conditions - high humidity, fluctuating temperatures, dusty and polluted environment or under different types of loads. Nevertheless, the components of these devices must be as reliable as possible and have the most economical operation possible.
In ZKL, we have supplied dozens of types of special and standard bearings around the world in 100 years of existence. We constantly talk and discuss with end customers and, based on their needs, we design bearings exactly to measure. From a number of special bearings, we can mention, for example, a large-sized split spherical roller bearing for mounting the bucket wheel of a mining excavator. From the set of standard bearings, let us mention, for example, ZKL thrust spherical roller bearings, which are used in port crane hooks. All projects of this type are characterized by the fact that our ZKL technicians are in contact with you as a customer, from initial demand to assistance with the assembly of bearings.