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Root cause analyses Root cause analyses

Root cause analyses

In the technology centre of the ZKL Group, we guarantee expertise and many years of experience of our employees. They are best qualified to determine the root cause of machine component failures as well as to take preventive measures to prevent these failures.
ZKL - Ing. Jakub Němeček
Ing. Jakub Němeček
Testing Laboratory and Metrology Department

What is a root cause analysis?

A root cause analysis is a comprehensive investigation to determine the mechanisms of failure and the root causes of failures. The root cause analysis process consists of data collection and analysis, followed by their critical evaluation and the formulation of clear conclusions. Finally, we present a proposal and recommendations for corrective or preventive measures.

Why is the root cause analysis so important?

The root cause analysis reveals the root cause of the failure and recommends precautionary measures to prevent recurrence of the failure. As a manufacturer or operator, you know that failures contribute to downtime and affect your business activities and profitability. In the worst-case scenarios, they even pose a risk to employees, the public and the environment, which could damage your reputation or you can even face law-suits.

Used technical areas

  • metallographic analysis
  • fractographic analysis
  • metrology of rotating parts
  • chemical composition
  • heat treatment analysis
  • hardness measurement
  • evaluation of surface and internal defects of materials, evaluation of micropurity