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In the case of agricultural machines, customers prefer easy assembly, maintenance and replacement of bearings. However, devices often have non-standard dimensions and shapes, which means that special bearing designs are also required: for example, with non-standard installation dimensions, special sealing system requirements or atypical external geometry to facilitate their assembly. In ZKL, we not only offer a standard range of bearings, but we also provide design of bearings tailored to your requirements.
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Agricultural machinery is characterized by two specifics: non-standard design of bearings and seasonal use. The devices are parked for most of the year, i.e. they are out of service. After that, they are exposed to demanding operating conditions for a short but intense period. And at that time they must serve reliably.
The variable mode usually puts more strain on the machines than if they worked in such an extreme deployment continuously throughout the year. As an example, we can mention that they are attacked by corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. It has been proven that corrosion occurs more intensively in conditions where the surface is exposed to continuous wetting and drying than in a situation where the surface is permanently immersed. In operation, parts of agricultural machinery, including bearings, are exposed to variable humidity, dust, variable and in some places also to impact loads or corrosive environments (e.g. when working with fertilizers and other chemicals). Stainless steel bearings are often used in agriculture.

ZKL supplies the following:

  • special double-row spherical roller bearings
  • special ball bearings
  • standard tapered roller bearings
  • standard single-row and double-row ball bearings
  • stainless steel ball bearings
  • tilting ball bearings
  • angular contact ball bearings
  • roller bearings