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We have released a new company brochure
13.3. 2024

We have released a new company brochure

The brochure presents our company as a leading global manufacturer of technologically advanced bearings.
It maps our more than a century-old history and deep expertise that we bring to every product and project. It acquaints you with the wide portfolio of our products, which we manufacture using innovative technologies. The brochure also provides examples of the application of our products in various industrial sectors. It also focuses on the services we provide, designed to fully meet the needs of our customers.

The brochure is further complemented by a catalogue of research and development services and a specialized catalogue of bearings for railway applications. All our printed materials are available online on our website and also in printed form. If you don't have hard copies yet, contact our sales representatives. We will be happy to send them to you or bring them to a meeting.

We look forward to using these printed materials to better explain our mission and the benefits we can bring to your company, and to jointly develop new business opportunities.

We would like to thank PUXdesign for the graphic design of the brochure in a modern concept, from whose workshop our website also originates. Enjoy reading of our new company  profile.