We participated in the DIAGO 2024 conference | ZKL Group
We participated in the DIAGO 2024 conference
13.2. 2024

We participated in the DIAGO 2024 conference

The DIAGO conference, focused on industrial diagnostics of machinery and equipment, maintenance, data processing, and analysis, is organized by the Association of Technical Diagnosticians of the Czech Republic under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.
The head of the ZKL Bearings Testing Laboratory, Mr. Jakub Němeček, addressed the topic of "Bearing Failure Root Cause Analysis." In his presentation, he focused on methods for analyzing damaged bearings using a practical case study and discussed further possibilities for collaboration with other companies and research organizations. He also pointed out that despite modern methods and capabilities, damaged bearings are still encountered after accidents.
However, it is possible to identify the primary cause of failure even in a damaged bearing and to prevent or reduce its influence in the future in the given machine, for example, through structural or technological modifications to the machine, adjustments to operating conditions, or, last but not least, appropriate handling and professional bearing assembly.
You can entrust your bearing issues to our experts at the ZKL Bearings Testing Laboratory, customer technical support, or the engineering department. You can also obtain more detailed information here.