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IDRE S.A. - Peru in motion
4.12. 2023

IDRE S.A. - Peru in motion

In mid-November, IDRE S.A. brought together technical experts from diverse maintenance and repair sectors of the Peruvian Navy (Marina de Guerra del Perú) and SIMA (Servicios Industriales de la Marina S.A.). These professionals attended a presentation showcasing the ZKL brand and its supplementary products, which collectively form the comprehensive portfolio represented by IDRE S.A., our official agent in Peru.
The meeting took place within the premises of the Peruvian Navy and was attended by over 150 mechanics and technicians. They attentively followed presentations showcasing various solutions for the maritime and metalworking sectors. Representing ZKL at this gathering were Mr. Edson Almeida, head of the technical department for Latin America, and Mr. Pablo Méndez, president of ZKL Rodamientos S.A., a direct subsidiary of the ZKL group responsible for managing business operations in the region.
SIMA is a Peruvian shipyard company established as a state-owned enterprise operating under private law. It specializes in the maintenance, modernization, design, and construction of various units within the Peruvian Navy. Additionally, it undertakes projects related to the maritime and metalworking industries for both the public and private sectors. They stand among the most respected naval workshops on the American continent, certified according to the highest quality standards.
We believe that this meeting showcased ZKL as a high-quality brand and will enable us to certify our bearings in various industrial sectors and branches recognized by SIMA as a significant certification entity for quality standards.
We would like to express our gratitude to the owners of IDRE S.A. for their willingness to carry out this initiative and for their excellent organization and coordination of the event.