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ZKL toroidal roller bearings

ZKL toroidal roller bearings

ZKL expands its product range with a new type of bearings - toroidal roller bearings.

Specifically, newly released dimensions are as per table below:

  d [mm] D [mm] B [mm] m [kg]
C2213V NF 65 120 31 1,45
C5915V NF 75 105 40 1,06
C4024V NF 120 180 60 5,4
C4026V NF 130 200 69 8,04
C4030V NF 150 225 75 10,6


Toroidal roller bearings consist of a single row of rolling elements. This bearing type combines the properties of cylindrical roller and spherical roller bearings. From the cylindrical roller bearings they take over the ability of the outer and inner rings to move axially relative to each other and from spherical roller bearings take advantage of mutual tilting of the rings relative to each other. Toroidal bearings are therefore suitable for operation in non-coaxial arrangements, or in arrangements with long shafts with significant deflections, and at the same time they can absorb any thermal expansion of the shafts within their internal geometry. Due to their boundary dimensions, toroidal roller bearings are fully interchangeable with standard double-row spherical roller bearings. E.g. toroidal roller bearing C2213V NF is of the same boundary dimensions as double-row spherical roller bearing 22213EW33J NF. Toroidal bearings do not bear axial loads.

Thanks to their properties, toroidal roller bearings are most often mounted in combination with a spherical roller bearing in the following applications - paper mills, shredders, crushers, industrial fans, gearboxes, wind turbines, belt conveyors, continuous casting, etc.