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ZKL Sales organization

ZKL Group is focused mainly on the development and manufacturing of its products. That is why sales, support and end user service is secured by ZKL Bearings CZ, a.s., a sales company which both deals directly the OEM partners and cooperates with an extensive network of authorized distributors. In major international territories also the ZKL Group subsidiaries organize ZKL sales and support. Communication and sales are handled through the sales groups focused on individual territories such as:

OS 41 – sales group 41: Latin America and Mexico

OS 42 – sales group 42: South Asia

OS 43 – sales group 43: North Europe, Africa, Turkey, Middle East

OS 44 – sales group 44: Far East, China, the USA and Canada

OS 45 – sales group 45: the Czech Republic and Slovakia 

OS 46 – sales group 46: Southern and Eastern Europe, Balkan countries

OS 47 - sales group 47: Russia, Ukraine and post-Soviet republics

OS 48 - sales group 48: Western Europe



ZKL is the biggest manufacturer of large-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings in Central Europe.

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