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ZKL Group, with headquarters in the Czech Republic, is a manufacturer and supplier of rolling-contact bearings. ZKL Group was established in 1999, when the Czech bearing industry integrated with over sixty years’ tradition providing research, development, manufacturing, and sales of ZKL bearings. Manufacturing of ZKL personally-designed bearings began in 1947. The Rolling-Contact Bearing Research Institute was established in 1953 and was integrated into the new group as ZKL – Research and Development. It participated jointly with individual Group manufacturing plants to begin production of a large variety of bearings, which is constantly being expanded and upgraded to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Since then, ZKL operations expanded globally. The ZKL trademark was registered in 1954 and is protected in 53 countries. 

Innovation and expansion of the range of rolling-contact bearings within the group is achieved through personal Research and Development. Bearing designs are developed with the support of the latest, high-performance CAD programs and computer programs using the method of finite elements. Manufacturing plants are also continuously upgraded and equipped with numerically controlled technology. One of the latest results of personal research and development within the group, in cooperation with customers and university research departments, is the introduction of a new generation of rolling-contact bearing production, designated as NEW FORCE. These bearings are characterized primarily by their higher dynamic load capacity, resulting from a comprehensive solution of technical development, including new bearing design methods, MKP optimization of bearing internal designs, higher guaranteed bearing material parameters, new technologies and manufacturing process.

The main ZKL rolling-contact bearing catalogue presents an overview of standard and special rolling-contact bearings and accessories that are manufactured and supplied under the ZKL brand. In individual chapters, the catalogue contains all general information about ZKL rolling-contact bearings and tables that specify the basic parameters of the entire range of ZKL bearings. Information related to specific types of bearings is provided in the expanded introduction of the chapter dedicated to the particular type of bearing. In addition to the Main Catalogue, ZKL issues additional catalogues that focus on industry-specific products, e.g. ZKL Bearings for rail vehicles or catalogues listing entirely new lines of bearings. Technical information about the special ZKL production program and special application bearings enable more frequent updating of content and improved distribution to targeted customers.

This edition of the Main Catalogue is largely revised and supplemented with new information for bearing users from series of developers, designers, sales and service personnel, who work with bearings on a daily basis. The publication is also converted into digital form. The text and bearing parameters relate to the bearings assortment and the technological state and development results at the catalogue’s time of issue, i.e. at the end of 2012. Due to constant developments, we reserve the right to modify the product line to be included in the upcoming issue. Additionally, any parameters that differ in this catalogue in comparison with previous versions are the result of design developments, computational methods, new manufacturing technologies, and applied materials. Information on new products is available at the website www.zkl.cz or www.zkl.eu.

The catalogue uses units in accordance with ISO.