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Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Single-row ball bearings are non-demountable. They are manufactured in multiple series - open, single- or double-covered. They are characteristic with silent run, low friction and are suitable even for high rpm. The rpm of covered bearings is limited with the type of the cover used.
The single-row ball bearings can transmit radial and axial forces in both directions at relatively high rpm thanks to relatively deep tracks and high alignment degree between the roller elements and the orbits. Only low tiltability of bearing rings is allowed for single-row ball bearings. The bearings are supplied with standard radial clearance, bearings for special placing applications can be supplied either with lower or higher radial clearance. The bearings are manufactured in normal running accuracy, for seating more demanding in terms of accuracy, or seating with higher rpm frequency, bearings with higher running accuracy are used.


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