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Innovation of bearings for concrete mixer truck gearboxes

ZKL has established close cooperation with one of the world's leading manufacturers of concrete mixer truck gearboxes over the last 2 years. This cooperation with the customer enables the innovation of existing and the development of new design and dimensions of spherical bearings for this specific application. One of the main features distinguishing the special bearings for mixer truck gearboxes is the wider outer ring. This is needed due to the increased mutual misalignment of the bearing rings, where inaccuracies in seating surfaces and deflections during operation cause the rings to tilt relatively to each other up to 4°.

In cases where the bearing is fitted with a sheet metal or brass cage, the outer ring needs to be split in longitudinal direction, allowing the bearing to be subsequently assembled. ZKL is now coming to the market with the PLC 59-10.25 bearing, which is an innovation of an older design. This bearing, in addition to the optimized internal geometry, is equipped with polyamide cages, which can be elastically deformed and assembled during mounting in the ZKL Brno factory, without having to split the outer ring. The one-piece outer ring of the bearing thus brings several advantages – technologically less demanding production, easier bearing handling and manipulation, but what is the most beneficial for the customer – facilitates bearing mounting.


ZKL is the biggest manufacturer of large-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings in Central Europe.

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