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Quality system

The management of the ZKL Hanušovice, a.s. is aware of their responsibility for the implementation, development, and continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality control system, which is one of the decisive factors influencing the position of ZKL Hanušovice, a.s. products on the market. The management therefore sets out the following quality control policy: 

  • The company of ZKL Hanušovice, a.s. is oriented towards the consumer's requirements with the aim of increasing consumer satisfaction and with respect to other concerned parties.
  • The relationship with the customer is based on fulfilling the parameters declared for the final product and on providing qualified technical services.
    The company of ZKL Hanušovice, a.s. sensitively perceives the development of the customer's needs and requirements, which enables it to react to them as effectively as possible.
  • The company endeavours to continuously improve on the utility value of its products and to increase the efficiency of products bearing the ZKL Hanušovice, a.s. trademark.
  • A corporate structure that emphasizes its own research and development has been established for the enhancement of the parameters and quality level of ZKL Hanušovice, a.s. products.
  • The company endeavours to continuously improve the efficiency of the quality control system; it eliminates the shortcomings determined by taking corrective action and preventive measures to limit the possible occurrence of dissonances.
  • The building of partner relationships with suppliers and their involvement in the ZKL Hanušovice, a.s. quality control system largely contribute to its effectiveness.
  • The quality of ZKL Hanušovice, a.s. products is based on the awareness of the importance of quality work performed by each employee. The performance of quality work is a personal goal for each and every employee/co-worker.
  • Motivation, evaluation of work results and being well trained and objectively informed create the prerequisites for successfully fulfilling the work tasks and minimising errors.
  • The level achieved by the quality control system, which is oriented towards the requirements of the automobile industry, is verified by the certificates awarded to ZKL Hanušovice, a.s.



ZKL is the biggest manufacturer of large-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings in Central Europe.

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