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The environmental policy of the company


To observe the applicable stipulations of all legal regulations, i.e. acts, decrees and notices related to environmental protection, work safety and fire protection.

To introduce and to regularly test the system of environmentally oriented management, including the motivation of staff to fulfil the obligations set down in the environmental policy.

To co-operate with the appropriate authorities and interest groups in order to respect national and regional environmental policies.

To determine environmental policy, objectives and programmes and continually assess their fulfilment beyond the framework required by environmental legislation.

On the basis of an objective verification (i.e. inspections, measurement and monitoring), to work out regularly "a company environmental profile" in order to reconcile the facts determined with the obligations resulting from the environmental policy and, by doing so, engage in a process of continuous improvement.

To ensure the minimum consumption of natural resources and primary commodities through permanent and consistent analysis of their consumption with emphasis on their maximum exploitation and on waste reduction.

To fulfil the principle of sustainable development with emphasis on the introduction and efficient utilization of environmental facilities. These measures will ensue from specialist evaluation of potential dangers and from proposals for the prevention of negative effects and accidents, including their consequences.

To use a complex system for training company staff in order to continuously improve their awareness and their acquisition of the necessary knowledge regarding questions of environmental protection.

To conduct an open dialogue with interest groups and to provide them with information necessary for understanding the objectives approved and the results of the environmental programmes implemented.

To reduce energy demands by restructuring and modernising production and by providing quality technical service of the manufacturing and auxiliary facilities, including their maximum exploitation with respect to the ongoing assessment of energy consumption.


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