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16.09.2013 - 10:12

Mr. Jiri Prasil, CEO of ZKL Group realized his business trip to China from 26th August 2013 to 2nd September 2013. Mr. Prasil together with Mr. Chen Chong, Director of the ZKL China office, visited several customers who appreciated the experience with ZKL bearings. ZKL bearings are used successfully in technologies for coal mining such as mining harvesters, mining elevators and gearboxes for belt conveyors. Sales of ZKL bearings are growing significantly in China.

09.09.2013 - 14:07

Upon the request for financial support from the Operational Program “Human Resources and Employment“, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic decided to provide grant for the implementation of the project “Education of employees” in ZKL Klášterec nad Ohří , a.s. in specific areas of production.

Grant under registration number CZ.1.04/1.1.04/92.00279 was provided in the amount of 2,524 925.06 CZK, the period for the realization of the program is from 1.6.2013 to 30.11. 2014.
The project includes 113 supported persons, 822 successful graduates, 1,296 training hours.

17.07.2013 - 08:39

From 16th June 2013 has ZKL its own branch in Germany.
The headquarters is located in Moers and is led by our Head of sales in Germany, Mr. Heiko Roth.
Mr. Roth has many years experience in the bearing industry and also care of customers as our new authorized dealer.

12.07.2013 - 08:15

In the 28th week in 2013 were completed project works and tenders for the supply of essential parts of the project Central warehouse ZKL. On 18th July 2013 was the transferred building site to the building contractors of the project, the company PS Brno, and continue coordinated steps to harmonize supply works, of thirteen subcontractors, in order to meet planned deadline for completion of the works till December 2013.

03.07.2013 - 08:04

ZKL extends its product range and offers to customers the integrity of the supplies, in which can be supplied bearings ZKL together with bearing grease ZKL.
Quality of the bearings in connection with a quality grease ZKL and appropriate method of grease are essential for really long life.
Current plastic grease and oils ZKL designed for grease of the bearings can be compare with top products from renowned manufacturers such as SKF, FAG, SHELL, Klüber etc.

24.06.2013 - 10:58

As amerged from the notification of the Customs Office of Mělník dated June 28, 2012, the customs authorities detained 4328 pieces of ball bearings under the trademark ZKL. Bearings was not made in the company ZKL Klášterec nad Ohří, a.s., but by Hafei KONCON BEARING CO., LTD., Ltd. in Jinzhai Road, Hittites, Aukum in China based on the order of Ebisu holding, a.s., ID: 35821833 based in Bratislava, Grösslingova 7, Slovakia.

24.06.2013 - 09:55

For manufacturers of railway equipment, rail experts and finally fans of rail traffic June means traditionally the month, which is marked by regular meetings at the trade fair Czech Raildays in Ostrava. The trade fair, which opened its doors for the 14th time this year, was held on June 18 - 20, 2013.
The trade fair, which is organized under the auspices of the Minister of Transport and Deputy of Mayor of Ostrava, is traditionally attended by ZKL Group. Among 170 exhibitors ZKL Group presented many exhibits that satisfy even the most demanding customers in this important industry.

14.06.2013 - 07:50

ZKL arranged a seminar associated with outdoor activities around the village Perštejn in the mountain range Krušné hory from 7th to 8th June 2013.
The main program was in the guesthouse Farmyard. Goal of the seminar was the development of SAP, evaluation of results ZKL and coordination of processes. During the training, the employees tried several tasks used in practice in the field, which all successfully managed. The training was great benefit to employees and the management.

27.05.2013 - 07:43

On 16 and 17th May 2013 there was held a traditional meeting with the dealers who represent ZKL Group in sale of its bearing range in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Hungary. This year the meeting took place in southern Moravia in a hotel Sladovna located in the village called Černá Hora.

21.05.2013 - 07:12

Based on experience in the operation and long-term tests, the company ZKL dedicate to the development of new design of tapered roller units for rail vehicles used in passenger railway and tram transport. There has been already signed a new supply contract of modified bearings PLC 810-15.A.1 (TBU133x210) for trams. Also the new variant of bearing PLC 810-13.B.1 (TBU130x230) was successful in testing in VÚŽ in Prague. The proper function of bearings was verified for trains with the speed up to 200 km / h with a smaller diameter of wheels.


ZKL is the biggest manufacturer of large-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings in Central Europe.

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