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27.01.2011 - 09:36

ZKL Group achieved according to preliminary results in the year 2010 revenues from sales of own products, services and goods in the amount of about 1 250 million CZK. Compared with the year 2009 it increased of 25%. Positively can be also assessed the development of operating trading income ahead of depreciations (EBITDA), which reached 147 million CZK in the year 2010 and was higher by 12 million CZK than the plan. In year-to-year comparison then there was a rise of 112%. Currently about 1160 employees work in ZKL Group. 

25.01.2011 - 15:35

In middle of January 2011 the testing of capacity of bearings series PLC 810-13 (CTBU 130x230), which are designed for modern railway axles, was successfully finished. The test of capacity of axle bearings in the duration corresponding to 600 thousands kilometres, under the conditions nearing operational load, is set by the European standard EN 12082 and gives reliable information about the parameters and quality of the tested product. The test was carried out in the test room of the Railway Research Institute which is located in the test centre of VÚŽ in Cerhenice.

06.01.2011 - 21:39

Considering the growing interest in technology bearings all around the world, ZKL implements the project of production expansion of this range. The aim is to expand the production of spherical and special bearings up to the diameter of 1600 mm.

One of the new representative in the area of technology bearings is a special triple row thrust roller bearing PLC 912-85. This bearing was made according to requirements of a major Mexican customer engaged in manufacturing and supplies of heavy gear-boxes for energy industry.

06.01.2011 - 15:52

An unusual event called OPEN HOCKEY GAME 2011 took place in Pardubice on 2 January 2011. It was a spectacular hockey exhibition show held in the open ice-rink. The ice-rink was built for this event on the speedway stadium in Svítkov with a capacity of 25 thousand visitors. There were held two matches, first the legend teams with original names of ZKL Brno and Tesla Pardubice competed, and after there was seen the match of contemporary extra-league teams. 

24.11.2010 - 15:19

In October 2010, there was an audit of expert competence in the sphere of production of antifriction bearings for ŽKV ZSSK CARGO Slovakia, a.s.. ZKL Brno, a.s. thus gained a certificate for the deliveries of its products to the area of Slovak Republic. 

 Martin Peška

Antifriction Bearing Project manager

16.11.2010 - 17:00

With the Polish company Wika Spolka Jawna Awramienko the WSP was signed Distributor Agreement, which undertook to gradually phase out sales of the brand bearings ZVL to 30.6.2011. As confirmation of this fact was signed statement for publication.

12.11.2010 - 12:14

On November 10, 2010, representatives of ZKL- Research and Development – were awarded first degree TOP CZECH QUALITY plaque and certificate.  The award was handed over by Mgr. Zdeněk Pospíšil, CEO of PMF ČR. Nomination for this prestigious entrepreneurial competition, and gaining the certificate, prove that ZKL – Research and Development meets numerous selected criteria from the spheres of quality, promotion and reference, as well as economics.

05.11.2010 - 07:45

On 3rd November 2010 technicians of ZKL Výzkum a vývoj, a. s. participated in a test drive of an electric unit, where the new ZKL axle bearings are used in. These are compact tapered roller units CTBU with the mark PLC 810-13. These new bearings developed in ZKL correspond to trends of the world's leading bearing manufacturers on increases in axle bearings utility parameters. Temperature of axleboxes was checked during the stop at the Mohelnice station.


ZKL is the biggest manufacturer of large-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings in Central Europe.

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