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The ZKL Group was awarded in the MSV Gold Medal Competition 2019

One of the accompanying events held during the International Engineering Fair in Brno, on which ZKL group regularly exhibits, is the prestigious competition for the best innovative exhibit “the Gold Medal”. In 2019 ZKL participated in this competition in the category of innovations in engineering components and received the award for its asymmetrical spherical roller bearing for use in the gearboxes of the concrete mixer trucks. The award was taken over by the General Manager of the ZKL Group Mr. Jiří Prášil at the official fair-opening event from the representatives of the Czech Government.

The winning asymmetrical spherical roller bearing with a cassette cage excels in particular with a special design. This enables it to be used mainly in the concrete mixer truck gearboxes or in the main rotor of a wind power plant. Additional advantages are increased tiltability, axial load carrying capacity and the ability to work at low speeds without slipping. This new design also increases the bearing life in opposite to current solution up to 80%.

More information about this bearing can be found in the new issue of the magazine ZKL News, page 10: http://www.zkl.cz/sites/default/files/media/zkl_news_61_uk.pdf



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