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ZKL – Výzkum a vývoj celebrates its 20th anniversary

In spring we will mark 20 years of the existence of the company ZKL - Výzkum a vývoj, a. s. in Brno.
“The history of the development of roller bearings in Brno dates back to the early years after World War 2, when it was decided to introduce the production of bearings in Zbrojovka Brno. Subsequent tremendous development of the production of new types of bearings for the needs of the post-war industrial development in Czechoslovakia led to the establishment of new manufacturing facilities. Rapidly evolving bearing production required sustained and coordinated technical development that in 1953 led to the founding of the Research Institute for Roller Bearings in Brno. This had started the history of that evolution which continued after the privatisation in May 1999 in a new company which became part of ZKL.
The company ZKL – Výzkum a vývoj aims primarily at expert technical support of the ZKL Group, which is the largest Czech manufacturer and supplier of roller bearings. This support lies mainly in designing new types of bearings, technical sales support and testing.
The past 20 years confirms the contribution of the company to maintaining high prestige of the ZKL brand in the domestic and global market with roller bearings. The ever-increasing need for bearings, their quality, development of new types and the sales technical support show that this development institution is still urgently needed. “ said Ing. Vladimír Zikmund, the former Executive Director of ZKL – Výzkum a vývoj.
For a closer look at the history of bearing development and major development projects, do not miss the new issue of the company magazine ZKL News no. 60.


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