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Training in correct mounting and dismounting of bearings

In the context of improving the quality of customer support a new training room – an assembly workshop - was built in the main ZKL building in Brno. Its purpose is to inform customers, primarily in technical and service positions, on the principles of correct mounting and dismounting of bearings. Improper installation procedure and the use of inadequate assembly tools may cause irreversible damage to the bearing already during the assembly, which consequently leads to premature bearing failure during the operation, and thus also to unplanned additional costs associated with the downtime of the machine and replacement of the bearing with a new one.

Static evaluation of premature bearing failure indicates that 14% of the bearings do not reach their calculated life and fails prematurely due to a damage of bearings during the assembly. Training of service and technical workers in proper mounting and dismounting of bearings is therefore very important.

If you are interested in this training, contact as on support@zkl.cz . We are looking forward to meeting you!


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