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ZKL presentation in Uruguay

On July 6th, the presentation of the ZKL brand for more than 50 OEM´s was organised by our official Distributor in Uruguay, the company Mayfer S.A. The event was held at the Automobile Centre "Centro Talleres Mecánicos de Automóviles” in Montevideo. This presentation was attended by our Technical Director in the area of Latin America, Mr. Edson Almeida, who completed the presentation with the technical data about our products, their advantages and new technologies, which ZKL applies to the production processes.

Mayfer S.A. plans to organize such a meeting in future again, this time with the focus on purely technical data, in order to clarify technical issues of our final consumers in Uruguay. In this way and in cooperation with our distributors, ZKL strives to expand its sales activities and to achieve a greater market share.



ZKL is the biggest manufacturer of large-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings in Central Europe.

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