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Large-scale bearing for hydroelectric power stations

On 20 March 2018 a successful takeover of three pieces of a large-scale bearing 232/750 CF took place at the production plant ZKL Brno. It is the heaviest bearing in the history of the group, which was made in ZKL. This spherical valve bearing with an outside diameter of 1360 mm and weighing three tonnes is designed for water supply pipe with diameter of 6 m in the hydroelectric power plant.
The 232/750 CF production is the result of long-term co-operation between ZKL and ČKD. This year we have developed a successful co-operation from previous years, in which we managed to implement this special large-scale bearing for use in hydroelectric power plants in Central Europe and to successfully replace the world's competing brands.


ZKL is the biggest manufacturer of large-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings in Central Europe.

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