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Highlights of the year 2017

In the ZKL group, there were really many things happening in the year 2017. The most important highlights are mentioned below:

We are constantly investing in the new technology and in improving production processes. That's why we've included 2 new large bearing machines in the list of innovations of 2017. In ZKL Brno, a.s. was installed a new carousel lathe BASICTURN 1250 C2 from the manufacturer TOSHULIN A.S., which became a key machine for machining large-scale bearings. We have also purchased a multi-purpose machine Bertiez, which will be installed in the coming weeks in the Brno production plant.

To increase work productivity we constantly improve internal processes with SAP system and other programs (e.g. Windchill).

Since January 2017 we have been holder of the IRIS certificate, which allows us to supply rail bearings of the highest quality.

We have developed 51 new type dimension bearings for the production plant ZKL Brno, a. s. and 21 for ZKL Klášterec nad Ohří, a. s.

We celebrated the 70th anniversary of the bearing production in Brno. This festive occasion was joined together with the so far largest conference of distributors. The conference, where more than 80 representatives from Europe, India and China arrived, was held in the production plant in Brno from 23rd to 24th May.

We exhibited at the most important fairs in the Czech Republic, Europe and overseas. The brand ZKL was seen, among others, at the fair in Hanover or at 59th International Engineering Fair in Brno.

We managed to keep the same business results as in 2016, despite of the exchange rate of the US dollar and the increase in the purchase price of the material.

We strive to continuously increase the level of knowledge and skills of our employees. We have successfully completed a staff training plan and have set up a training plan for the year 2018. Education staff is the key to the success of ZKL.

People are one of the pillars of ZKL. In the year 2017, a third of the employees of the ZKL group formed employees working here for 15 years or more. We appreciate their loyalty and thank them for the long-term cooperation and effort they make for the group and the ZKL brand. We wish them a lot of success in the following years.

We finally celebrated the year 2017 at the Christmas party.

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