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ZKL and RODAMENDEZ Ltda joined forces at the trade fair EXPOCORMA 2017

Between November 8th to 10th the attention of the entire woodworking and forestry sector was focused on the trade fair EXPOCORMA. EXPOCORMA is considered the most important trade fair in Chile and Latin America, where the leaders and representatives of this segment meet every two years.

This "mega" fair was held in Bío Bío a region in Chile that connects Concepción and Coronel. This year the participants were able to get acquainted with the latest developments on the market, new machinery and equipment for the forestry and woodworking industry and with new technologies of this sector.

The ZKL brand was presented by Mr. Pablo Méndez - the director of our affiliate ZKL Rodamientos S.A., which is responsible for the area of Latin America, by our technical representative Ing. Edsona Almeidy and by the highly qualified staff of the company Rodamendez Ltda., which is our official representative in Chile. ZKL products and services developed for this market segment have been introduced. Participating in such events shows the common path that ZKL and Rodamendez Ltda follow by joining their forces and efforts always keeping an eye on the future.

We also would like to thank for their kind welcome Mr Victor Méndez (Executive Director Rodamendez LTDA), Miss Sonia Salazar (head of import) and Mr Jose Cáceres (director of subsidiary in Concepción). During the welcoming an award has been handed over to Mr Pablo Méndez (ZKL) for his effort and dedication in supporting our importer and representative in the country.

Our cooperation will continue further so that together we will gradually expand our activities in this region.


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