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Axle Bearings and Turns for Trams

The total of 112 axle bearing units for trams and 14 turns for articulate tram joints have been completed at ZKL according to the specification of a Chinese customer. This was a new order coming from the field of railway industry. The conical axle bearings PLC 82-09-01.4 with external diameter of 175 mm and width of 123 mm are protected against electric current pass with a ceramic coating applied on the outer ring. The turns with identification PLC 01-12-03 are designed for joint of two carriages of city trams. The inner diameter of the bearing is 287 mm, the outer diameter is 485 mm and the bearing height is 73 mm. For the reason of the demanding operation conditions the bearing is protected with special anti-corrosion coat. On request of the customer a lubrication system was attached to the inner ring of the PLC 01-12-03 bearing.


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