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ACRI Expedition 2011

On 1st and 2nd September the representatives of ZKL Group attended traditional ACRI Expedition 2011, in this year with the subtitle „Exploring the Blue Mountains”. This socially-sporting event at the end of summer was organized in hotel Kraví hora in Bořetice, South Moravia. The aim of these annual events is to prepare the opportunity for informal meetings and discussions among representatives of Czech companies from the field of rail vehicles and railway transport. Representatives of ZKL Group Mr. Jiří Prášil, CSc., General Manager, and Mr. Leoš Šilhan, Executive director of ZKL Výzkum a vývoj, used an unique opportunity for discussions with business partners in different surrounding than at usual negotiating table. Mr. Vladimír Zikmund from ZKL Výzkum a vývoj participated in Friday program containing a bicycle trip through vineyards too. 


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