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new force

NEW FORCE in year 2011

Department of Technical and Production Development of ZKL Group plans to extend the range of innovations in the design of NEW FORCE bearings. These new bearings will be published in the catalogue of ZKL bearings in the section “News” immediately after their release to the series production. For the year 2011 the following types are concerned:


23120 EMH** 

23052 EMH** 

23056 EMH** 

23060 EMH** 

23160 EW33HM** 

23064 EMH** 

23068 EMH** 

23968 EW33MH** 

23072 EMH** 

23172 EW33HM** 

23972 EW33MH**

23076 EMH** 

23176 EW33HM** 

23080 EMH** 

23180 EW33HM** 

23084 EMH** 

23184 EMH** 

23088 EMH** 

23188 EMH**

23092 EMH** 

23192 EMH** 

23196 EMH** 



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