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Teambuilding of ZKL Group management

The regular teambuilding of ZKL Group management was held this year during 13. – 16. 1. 2010. As every year, of course, this year's teambuilding was associated with the revision of the defined strategy, evaluation of achieved result and further targets setting. Executive and professional managers in their pre-prepared presentations not only evaluated the past year, but also submitted their proposals for improvement and future plans. At the end of the meeting PhDr. Ivan Fišera was also invited. He helped managers to define especially short-term objectives within the scenario of the durable development of the whole ZKL Group.
And because the word ”team building“ really means the building of a team, the traditional outdoor activities could not be neglected. This time the outdoor activities were in the form of downhill skiing. It is needful to appreciate all those involved, who, despite of the years of ”ski abstinence“ bravely cope with the final race in the slalom.

In Brno 28. 2. 2010
Assistant of General Manager


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