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The history is cornerstone of the
present time as well as challenge to the future.

Tool manufacturing

ZKL Nářadí, a. s.

Full range of works and services

  • machining tools and instruments design
  • follow dies design - design of fixtures, cutters, gauging fixtures, feeders, spring and feeding collets - mould design - dies production - production of dies and special tools for ball and screw production - mould production - production of cutting disks, shank-type cutters, TK slice cutters, fixtures, gauges, diamond cutting tools - production of machinery parts and components
  • production of transport spare parts
  • CNC precision machining
  • sharpening cutting tools, saws, milling cutters, drills - heat treatment - annealing, refinement, quenching, cementation, sanding
  • electroerosion cutting (FANUC Alfa1i, Hitachi 254Y, Hitachi 355R)


Products are 100% checked with an option to gauge them on the three-dimensional measuring equipment Cordimet equipped with software for measuring machines DMIS version 4 (2009).

Indicative basic dimensions

lathe work:

350 x 800 mm,

900 x 1000 mm


max. 500 x 500 x 250(h) mm (150 kg)

max. 900 x 300 x 300(h) mm (400 kg)


rounded - up to 300 mm and length 600 mm

flat - up to 750 mm and height 450mm 

CNC machining

max. 750 x 750 x 400 mm (250 kg)

co-ordinate drilling:

350 × 500 mm

electroerosive cutting:

max. 1000 x 800 x 325(h) mm (1000 kg)



ZKL is the biggest manufacturer of large-scale spherical-roller, special and split bearings in Central Europe.

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