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Remote Diagnostics of Bearings and Machines

The ZKL Remote Diagnostics is designed for continuous monitoring of key machines and an assurance of safe, reliable and efficient operation of production machinery. The service will find its best applications in companies with no diagnostic department, or with a limited number of qualified personnel. It is suitable for continuous operations, where it can minimize financial losses caused by unplanned shutdowns, as well as for high-precision manufacturing, where attention must be paid to failure-free machinery operation and high product quality. It will also be appreciated by OEM clients requiring services with a higher added value.

In present-day industry, it is a common practice to use external partners to provide on-the-spot diagnostic services. However, this type of diagnostics cannot provide the same level of comfort and reliability in continuous monitoring as on-line diagnostics. As fitting key machines with on-line diagnostic systems tends to be expensive, ZKL offers a progressive solution which makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of on-line machine monitoring while keeping the costs relatively low. This diagnostic service allows ZKL clients to pay their full attention to their business activities. The ZKL Remote Diagnostic System leads to a lower cost of continuous machine monitoring in comparison with conventional diagnostics, as it eliminates the expenses caused by purchasing new technology, training personnel, and maintaining the system.

Typical applications include:

  • cylinder bearings of production lines across industrial sectors such as paper-making or metallurgy
  • mining equipment such as mine elevators or excavators
  • ventilators
  • gear boxes
  • pumps
  • crushers
  • presses
  • production machines

Key machines are fitted with sensors monitoring important parameters such as temperature, vibrations, revolutions, etc. The sensors are hooked up to the CMPM diagnostic unit which performs data sensing and the safety function.

From the diagnostic unit, the data are sent by the Internet to the ZKL Data Center, where they are securely admin istered and backed up. Subsequently, ZKL experts analyze the data using the DARAW software which, just like the entire ZKL diagnostic system, uses unique technical solutions. This system allows maximum variability in analyzing the data. After the data are analyzed, the client receives a report describing the condition of the diagnosed machine and is recommended specific measures about which responsible personnel may be consulted.

The ZKL Remote Diagnostic System is meant for both machinery producers and end-users.

The Principle of Remote Diagnostics of Machines

The Principle of Remote Diagnostics of Machines


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