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Bearing testing

One of the elements both of the process of development and of the serial production must be the testing of technical parameters of the product. The specialized testing laboratory with its testing installations serves for permanent evaluation of technical data of standard products as well as for development of new special bearings, materials and bearings accessories. The testing laboratory closely cooperates with the University Technical College at Brno in advancement of special testing methods and installations. Their results pave the way for qualitative growth of ZKL trade mark products and guarantee that the clients are offered products with unvarying quality conforming to the catalogue data.

The process of testing covers the following principal characteristics of bearings:

Basic Dynamic Load Rating

Basic dynamic load rating is one of the principal technical parameters of rolling bearings. It expresses the constant dynamic load of bearings under which their nominal life is 1 million of revolutions. The values of this parameter are generally established by internationally accepted calculation expressed in the ISO 281 standard.
During this test the real service life at constant revolutions and load is checked and reversely the basic dynamic load is determined.

Tests of Limiting Speed Frequency

The second important bearings parameter is the limiting rotational speed (limiting speed frequency). This parameter is tested on special testing stands. During the test there are checked the maximum speed values under which the bearing operates fail-safed and under a steadfast thermal balance.

Special Tests

For specific conditions the following special tests are implemented:

  • Condensed tests of dynamic load
  • Tightness of shielded and sealed bearings
  • Testing of grease and oil lubricants properness
  • Comparison of fatigue resistance of metallic and non-metallic materials.



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