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new force

Department of Technical Analyses

Finite Element Analysis

The Finite element analysis allows you to detect critical places in structure of industrial products in following:

- productive machines,

- transportation,

- aviation,

- energetic industry,

- design of gearboxes and other mechanical parts.


Department of Technical Analyses

Department of Technical Analyses is a part of ZKL – Research and Development. Its main task is to perform Finite Element Analyses in order to:

1. Optimize inner design of new bearings

  • higher parameters of “NEW FORCE“ bearings

2. Solve wide range of “non-bearing“ problems within ZKL Group

  • gripping jaws, pipe bending, etc.

3. Offer service in the field of Finite Element Analyses to external customers

  • cooperation with Research Center of Manufacturing Technology



Software Equipment

- pre/post-processor: MSC. Patran, MSC. Mentat
- linear and nonlinear analysis: MSC. Marc
- dynamics and motion analysis: MSC. Adams


Ing. Jiří Prášil, jr.
Simulation Engineer
Cell: (+420) 774 712 216
Ing. Martin Zbožínek
Simulation Engineer
Cell: (+420) 604 730 306


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