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The main purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and wear inside the bearing. Slippage and rolling occur in the contact area between rings and rolling elements. The size of slippage depends on the type of Bering used, the load, and mode of lubrication. Elastohydrodynamic lubrication occurs in roller bearings under operating conditions and is characterized by a significant rise in pressure within the lubricating film imide of the contact area.

Main roles of lubricants:

  • Decrease friction and wear – direct metal-to-metal contact between bearing rings, rolling elements, and cages is prevented by the use of lubricating film that decreases friction and wear in the contact areas.
  • Extend fatigue life – bearing fatigue life depends, in particular, on the viscosity and film thickness of the lubricant between contact surfaces.
  • Heat dissipation – oil circulation can dissipate excess frictional heat or heat from the external environment from the bearing, thereby protecting the bearing against overheating and the oil against degradation.
  • Protection of bearing surface against corrosion
  • Preventing entry of foreign particles (contaminants) into the bearing, removal of foreign particles from the bearing oil circulation.

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