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ZKL Group employee development

ZKL has prepared the employee development strategy which is shared by the whole ZKL Group. This strategy is then developed for individual Group companies in the form of short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies and plans while the company and individual Group subsidiaries are run in accordance with the company vision and quality policy. The employee educational and development system is planned in direct relation to the company strategic goals. The tool for linking the educational system to the company strategic goals is the periodical employee assessment system implemented in the form of assessment reviews which encourage employee interest and incentives in achieving individual results and team targets that relate to the company strategic goals. At the same time research of employee educational needs are conducted once a year. After the results are evaluated, they are included in the ZKL Training Centre educational plan. To determine the abilities and skills needed for efficient employee leadership, management and development the system of functional position description has been revised in relation to the creation of the ZKL competency model. Currently the Competency model is being included in the functional positions description in order to link the requirements for individual occupations and work positions to the company strategic goals and requirements in a better way. In this way the employees are involved in the continuous and regular training system which is implemented by the ZKL Group Training Centre.

Financial resources allocated to education

In comparison to other years ZKL Group increased in 2008 the finance invested in employee education related to the ZKL Group Training Centre project which was launched in 2008. As a result of this project implementation the educational investment within ZKL Group nearly doubled. The largest growth was recorded in occupational training, namely in the field of technology and practical operating of machinery. Another significant increase was in the area of management education at various management levels. Compared with 2007 the financial investment into this field increased 2.5 times. Here the positive impact had the implementation of the IIP standard in the course of which a number of edudational events took place resulting from fulfilling the IIP standard action plan implementation.

ZKL Group education investments in 2005 - 2008 as per the types of education

Altogether 964 subsidiary employees were trained in 2008 in the premises of the ZKL Group Training Centre within both short-term and long-term programmes and the Training Centre was used 471 days in this year. The Training centre exploitation rate in 2008 was in total 186% while the total number of days on which the TC was used for educational and training purposes amounted to 471 days. The average exploitation rate of individual classrooms of the educational centre in 2008 was 46,55%. The exploitation rate of training tools in 2008 was in total 95,2% while the total number of days on which the training tools were used for educational purposes amounted to 192 days.



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