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Competency model

Kompetenční model

The basis of the ZKL Group competency model is professionalism which represents managerial expertise. On this base other competencies (abilities) are built as well. Each manager needs to think in an entrepreneurial and strategic way, to be oriented to achievement and goal, not only from his/her perspective but also from the team, company and ZKL Group point of view. The ZKL Group manager competency model is also a basis for the definition of lower level competencies in the ZKL Group organizational chart. The manager is able to motivate his/her people, communicates comprehensibly and creates conditions for their personal development. Through his attitudes he opens up a room for improvement. He is a mature personality who enjoys others’ trust. The bond in this model are company values Customer - Quality - People whose initial letters in Czech correspond to the ZKL brand name. The competency model stems from the ZKL Group strategy and its company values. The competency model defined the interpretation base for individual human resource processes (employee assessment, job descriptions, development and education, career planning and new hires selection).



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