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Classroom capacity and the price list

The ZKL training centre has five classrooms and nineteen training tools. Among the tools there is a technology and metrology classroom and laboratory, a PC classroom for 10 persons, a large classroom for up to 40 persons and small classrooms suitable mainly for language education. We also lease out a convention hall with the capacity of up to 80 persons.

The classrooms are used preferentially for educating our own employees and any spare capacity of the training centre is leased out.

Each classroom is equipped with a facility for audiovisual presentation and a flipchart. A navigation system is in place for better orientation in the building.

On demand catering, refreshment and lunches can be provided. A small canteen is available.


1 Technology classroom 2-3 persons/technical facility 1164,- CZK/hour including a lecturer/person
2 Metrological classroom 2-3 persons/technology measurement facility 445,- CZK/hour including a lecturer/person
3 Large classroom 116 40 persons 105,- CZK/hour/person + fee for a lecturer
4 PC classroom 112 10 persons 133,- CZK/hour/person + fee for a lecturer
5 Small classroom 232 and library 231 20 persons 105,- CZK/hour/person + fee for a lecturer


1 Large classroom 116 40 persons 3000,- CZK/half day, 4000,- CZK/day
2 PC classroom 10 persons 4000,- Kč/day
3 Convention hall 80 persons 5000,- Kč/day

Contacts for reservation:

Mgr. Lada Terzijská

Education officer
Contact: +420 544 135 114


Email: lada.terzijska@zkl.cz

The "Group training centre ZKL No 1.3/057" project is co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.  


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